Commit 0c8183af authored by Felix Ernst's avatar Felix Ernst 🇺🇦
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Rename variable

Based on code review feedback by Andrey Butirsky.
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......@@ -204,13 +204,13 @@ void DolphinTabWidget::openDirectories(const QList<QUrl>& dirs, bool splitView)
QList<QUrl>::const_iterator it = dirs.constBegin();
while (it != dirs.constEnd()) {
const QUrl& primaryUrl = *(it++);
const std::optional<ViewIndex> alreadyOpenDirectory = viewOpenAtDirectory(primaryUrl);
const std::optional<ViewIndex> viewIndexAtDirectory = viewOpenAtDirectory(primaryUrl);
// When the user asks for a URL that's already open,
// activate it instead of opening a new tab
if (alreadyOpenDirectory.has_value()) {
if (viewIndexAtDirectory.has_value()) {
somethingWasAlreadyOpen = true;
} else if (splitView && (it != dirs.constEnd())) {
const QUrl& secondaryUrl = *(it++);
if (somethingWasAlreadyOpen) {
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