Commit 3b4dae35 authored by Ilia Kats's avatar Ilia Kats
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fix folder size calculation on FUSE and network file systems

KFileItem::isSlow uses hardcoded logic that returns true if the
filesystem is Smb or Nfs. However,
KFileSystemType::determineFileSystemTypeImpl on Linux returns Nfs also
if the file system in question is a FUSE file system, which includes
NTFS, sshfs, and others.

BUG: 430778
BUG: 431106
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......@@ -1083,7 +1083,7 @@ QHash<QByteArray, QVariant> KFileItemModelRolesUpdater::rolesData(const KFileIte
const bool getIsExpandableRole = m_roles.contains("isExpandable");
if ((getSizeRole || getIsExpandableRole) && item.isDir()) {
if (item.isLocalFile() && !item.isSlow()) {
if (item.isLocalFile()) {
// Tell m_directoryContentsCounter that we want to count the items
// inside the directory. The result will be received in slotDirectoryContentsCountReceived.
if (m_scanDirectories) {
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