Commit 3fe971e1 authored by Jordan Bucklin's avatar Jordan Bucklin
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Fix placeholder label text within an empty folder in Trash

An empty folder within the Trash bin previously had the placeholder
label "Trash is empty". This label should only appear in top-most
Trash/ url, and "Folder is empty" otherwise.

BUG: 439952
parent baaf0c29
......@@ -2094,7 +2094,7 @@ void DolphinView::updatePlaceholderLabel()
m_placeholderLabel->setText(i18n("No items matching the filter"));
} else if (m_url.scheme() == QLatin1String("baloosearch") || m_url.scheme() == QLatin1String("filenamesearch")) {
m_placeholderLabel->setText(i18n("No items matching the search"));
} else if (m_url.scheme() == QLatin1String("trash")) {
} else if (m_url.scheme() == QLatin1String("trash") && m_url.path() == QLatin1String("/")) {
m_placeholderLabel->setText(i18n("Trash is empty"));
} else if (m_url.scheme() == QLatin1String("tags")) {
m_placeholderLabel->setText(i18n("No tags"));
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