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Remove dead variable

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......@@ -1750,13 +1750,11 @@ void KItemListView::doLayout(LayoutAnimationHint hint, int changedIndex, int cha
const bool animate = (hint == Animation);
for (int i = firstVisibleIndex; i <= lastVisibleIndex; ++i) {
bool applyNewPos = true;
bool wasHidden = false;
const QRectF itemBounds = m_layouter->itemRect(i);
const QPointF newPos = itemBounds.topLeft();
KItemListWidget* widget = m_visibleItems.value(i);
if (!widget) {
wasHidden = true;
if (!reusableItems.isEmpty()) {
// Reuse a KItemListWidget instance from an invisible item
const int oldIndex = reusableItems.takeLast();
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