Commit 58622f43 authored by Travis Burrows's avatar Travis Burrows Committed by Felix Ernst
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Extend selection rectangle to left edge

This commit changes it so the sizes of selection rectangles and hover
highlights in compact and details view mode is identical for all items.

Before this commit, selection rectangles in lists would have varying
indentation of the left edge of the selection rectangle depending on
the preview image's width-to-height ratio. This would cause a sort of
"ragged edge" in both compact and details list view when multiple items
were selected.

This commit doesn't change anything about icon view mode.

BUG: 453046
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......@@ -1104,7 +1104,16 @@ void KStandardItemListWidget::updatePixmapCache()
m_iconRect = QRectF(m_pixmapPos, QSizeF(m_scaledPixmapSize));
if (m_layout == IconsLayout) {
m_iconRect = QRectF(m_pixmapPos, QSizeF(m_scaledPixmapSize));
} else {
const qreal widthOffset = widgetIconSize - m_scaledPixmapSize.width();
const qreal heightOffset = widgetIconSize - m_scaledPixmapSize.height();
const QPointF squareIconPos(m_pixmapPos.x() - 0.5 * widthOffset,
m_pixmapPos.y() - 0.5 * heightOffset);
const QSizeF squareIconSize(widgetIconSize, widgetIconSize);
m_iconRect = QRectF(squareIconPos, squareIconSize);
// Prepare the pixmap that is used when the item gets hovered
if (isHovered()) {
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