Commit 62534f26 authored by André Wöbbeking's avatar André Wöbbeking
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Don't use old (not existing) names in the documentation.

parent 4453d62f
......@@ -165,16 +165,16 @@ public:
* Is invoked after the version control information has been
* received. It is assured that
* KVersionControlPluginV2::beginInfoRetrieval() has been
* KVersionControlPlugin::beginRetrieval() has been
* invoked before.
virtual void endRetrieval() = 0;
* @return The version for the item \p item.
* It is assured that KVersionControlPlugin::beginInfoRetrieval() has been
* It is assured that KVersionControlPlugin::beginRetrieval() has been
* invoked before and that the file is part of the directory specified
* in beginInfoRetrieval().
* in beginRetrieval().
virtual ItemVersion itemVersion(const KFileItem& item) const = 0;
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