Commit 6a5ad6b0 authored by Shubham  .'s avatar Shubham . Committed by Nate Graham
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Add tooltip to free space info widget showing full disk capacity

BUG: 452867
FIXED-IN: 22.08
parent b700c94d
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......@@ -114,6 +114,7 @@ void StatusBarSpaceInfo::slotValuesChanged()
const int percentUsed = qRound(100.0 * qreal(used) / qreal(size));
setText(i18nc("@info:status Free disk space", "%1 free", KIO::convertSize(available)));
setToolTip(i18nc("tooltip:status Free disk space", "%1 free out of %2 (%3% used)", KIO::convertSize(available), KIO::convertSize(size), percentUsed));
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