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Replace context menu on long press with selection mode

on long touch (and not on mouse press) don't pop up the context menu
anymore but enter selection mode, similar behavior to mobile applications.
the full context menu is still available from the actions toolbar
appearing in selection mode
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......@@ -1042,8 +1042,6 @@ void KItemListController::tapTriggered(QTapGesture* tap, const QTransform& trans
m_pressedIndex = m_view->itemAt(m_pressedMousePos);
if (m_dragActionOrRightClick) {
onPress(tap->hotSpot().toPoint(), tap->position().toPoint(), Qt::NoModifier, Qt::RightButton);
onRelease(>position()), Qt::NoModifier, Qt::RightButton, false);
m_dragActionOrRightClick = false;
else {
......@@ -1074,6 +1072,9 @@ void KItemListController::tapAndHoldTriggered(QGestureEvent* event, const QTrans
if (m_pressedIndex.has_value() && !m_selectionManager->isSelected(m_pressedIndex.value())) {
if (!m_selectionMode) {
Q_EMIT selectionModeChangeRequested(true);
} else if (!m_pressedIndex.has_value()) {
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