Commit 82e366f0 authored by Elvis Angelaccio's avatar Elvis Angelaccio
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Fix accessibility regression on the Dolphin Control button

9cd042a8 removed the text from the Control button without setting an
accessibleName property, which is a regression for screen-reader users.

This breaks the 19.12 string freeze, but since it's the same string we
were translating before 9cd042a8, hopefully it's not going to be too
much of a burden for translators.

CCBUG: 414271
parent f0122038
......@@ -1880,6 +1880,7 @@ void DolphinMainWindow::createControlButton()
m_controlButton = new QToolButton(this);
m_controlButton->setAccessibleName(i18nc("@action:intoolbar", "Control"));
m_controlButton->setToolTip(i18nc("@action", "Show menu"));
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