Commit 85083b20 authored by Christian Hartmann's avatar Christian Hartmann 💬 Committed by Méven Car
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fix name of uninstall command (without extension)

fixing a minor typo allows using "uninstall" command (variant **without** extension) on de-installation of a service menu
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......@@ -379,7 +379,7 @@ bool cmdUninstall(const QString &archive, QString &errorText)
// Try "deinstall" first
QString deinstallPath;
const QStringList basenames1 = {"", "uninstal", "", "deinstall"};
const QStringList basenames1 = {"", "uninstall", "", "deinstall"};
for (const auto &basename : basenames1) {
const auto path = findRecursive(dir, basename);
if (!path.isEmpty()) {
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