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Minor docs update to sync with interface

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......@@ -853,7 +853,10 @@ bar. This provides a very comfortable way for
the user to shrink the number of search results.</para>
<para>To start a search select one or more file types (<guilabel>Documents</guilabel>,
<guilabel>Audio</guilabel>, <guilabel>Video</guilabel>, <guilabel>Images</guilabel>),
a time period and rating<!--FIXME readd when again implemented: and tag, if you have defined any.--></para>
a time period, rating, and tag, if you have defined any via
<userinput>tag:<replaceable>foo</replaceable></userinput> in the input box.</para>
<para>It is possible to clear selection using the <guibutton>Clear Selection</guibutton> button.</para>
<para>Alternatively you can use these options in the <guilabel>Places</guilabel> panel
together with the <guilabel>Filter</guilabel> bar to find files using Baloo or limit
......@@ -862,11 +865,10 @@ the search to files matching the filter expression.</para>
<para>Use the Save icon to save a search to the <guilabel>Search For</guilabel>
section in the <guilabel>Places</guilabel> panel to quickly access it again in the future.
<!--FIXME 16.12
Add prototype of a "More search tools..." button
Use the <guilabel>More Search Tools</guilabel> drop-down list to select other search tools than Baloo.
<sect2 id="mounting-storage-media">
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