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Save size of config dialog in state config

CCBUG: 397602
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......@@ -130,13 +130,13 @@ DolphinSettingsDialog::DolphinSettingsDialog(const QUrl& url, QWidget* parent, K
const KConfigGroup dialogConfig(KSharedConfig::openConfig(QStringLiteral("dolphinrc")), "SettingsDialog");
const KConfigGroup dialogConfig(KSharedConfig::openStateConfig(), "SettingsDialog");
KWindowConfig::restoreWindowSize(windowHandle(), dialogConfig);
KConfigGroup dialogConfig(KSharedConfig::openConfig(QStringLiteral("dolphinrc")), "SettingsDialog");
KConfigGroup dialogConfig(KSharedConfig::openStateConfig(), "SettingsDialog");
KWindowConfig::saveWindowSize(windowHandle(), dialogConfig);
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