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Remove code path for loading deprecated VSC plugins

In case there are custom, old plugin lying around they can't be loaded
anyways, because the version does not match. In case that gets fixed one
could just port the plugin to JSON metadata.

Also the mechanism that is used is about to be deprecated.
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......@@ -297,27 +297,6 @@ void VersionControlObserver::initPlugins()
// Deprecated: load plugins using KService. This mechanism will be removed with KF6
const KService::List pluginServices = KServiceTypeTrader::self()->query(QStringLiteral("FileViewVersionControlPlugin"));
for (KService::List::ConstIterator it = pluginServices.constBegin(); it != pluginServices.constEnd(); ++it) {
if (loadedPlugins.contains((*it)->property("Name", QVariant::String).toString())) {
if (enabledPlugins.contains((*it)->name())) {
KPluginLoader pluginLoader(*(*it));
// Need to cast to int, because pluginVersion() returns -1 as
// an unsigned int for plugins without versions.
if (int(pluginLoader.pluginVersion()) < 2) {
qCWarning(DolphinDebug) << "Can't load old plugin" << (*it)->name();
KVersionControlPlugin* plugin = (*it)->createInstance<KVersionControlPlugin>(this);
if (plugin) {
for (auto &plugin : qAsConst(m_plugins)) {
connect(plugin, &KVersionControlPlugin::itemVersionsChanged,
this, &VersionControlObserver::silentDirectoryVerification);
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