Commit bb1b17ae authored by Felix Ernst's avatar Felix Ernst 🇺🇦
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Improve goActions test

This merge request fixes up a little oversight by me. I will merge this as soon as the pipeline passes.


Some lines verified that nothing is selected when navigating to a
folder that was not acted on yet. These verifications didn't test
anything meaningful because the folder in question was empty.

This commit adds a file and a folder to the test folder so that
testing if nothing is selected means something.
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......@@ -330,6 +330,8 @@ void DolphinMainWindowTest::testGoActions()
QScopedPointer<TestDir> testDir{new TestDir()};
QUrl childDirUrl(QDir::cleanPath(testDir->url().toString() + "/b"));
m_mainWindow->openDirectories({ childDirUrl }, false); // Open "b" dir
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