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Add a note about creating custom 'Create New' submenu items

BUG: 191630
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......@@ -1554,6 +1554,11 @@ be accessed with toolbar buttons or with items in the menu of the
<para>You will find an explanation of all available objects in &konqueror;'s handbook in the chapter
<ulink url="help:/konqueror/making.html">Create New</ulink>.</para>
It is possible to create your own <guisubmenu>Create New...</guisubmenu> submenu items. Use files from <ulink url="">KIO source repository</ulink> as a reference and put the resulting <filename role="extension">.desktop</filename> file into the <filename role="directory">.local/share/templates</filename> in your home directory (the address can be determined using the <userinput>kf5-config --path templates</userinput> command in &konsole;), then restart &dolphin;.
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