Commit ca35c71f authored by Nicolas Fella's avatar Nicolas Fella Committed by Nate Graham
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Improve placeholder message for unassigned tag

When opening tags:/ we show 'No tags' when there are no tags found.

When opening a tag that exists but doesn't have any files associated we show the same message, which isnt't appropriate.

Instead show "No files tagged with 'foo'", which makes more sense
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......@@ -2166,7 +2166,13 @@ void DolphinView::updatePlaceholderLabel()
} else if (m_url.scheme() == QLatin1String("trash") && m_url.path() == QLatin1String("/")) {
m_placeholderLabel->setText(i18n("Trash is empty"));
} else if (m_url.scheme() == QLatin1String("tags")) {
m_placeholderLabel->setText(i18n("No tags"));
if (m_url.path() == QLatin1Char('/')) {
m_placeholderLabel->setText(i18n("No tags"));
} else {
const QString tagName = m_url.path().mid(1); // Remove leading /
m_placeholderLabel->setText(i18n("No files tagged with \"%1\"", tagName));
} else if (m_url.scheme() == QLatin1String("recentlyused")) {
m_placeholderLabel->setText(i18n("No recently used items"));
} else if (m_url.scheme() == QLatin1String("smb")) {
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