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Do not run benchmark test automatically

Same reasoning as frameworks/kio!301 and
the commit series.
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......@@ -30,10 +30,9 @@ ecm_add_test(kfileitemmodeltest.cpp testdir.cpp
TEST_NAME kfileitemmodeltest
LINK_LIBRARIES dolphinprivate dolphinstatic Qt5::Test)
# KFileItemModelBenchmark
ecm_add_test(kfileitemmodelbenchmark.cpp testdir.cpp
TEST_NAME kfileitemmodelbenchmark
LINK_LIBRARIES dolphinprivate Qt5::Test)
# KFileItemModelBenchmark, not run automatically with `ctest` or `make test`
add_executable(kfileitemmodelbenchmark kfileitemmodelbenchmark.cpp testdir.cpp)
target_link_libraries(kfileitemmodelbenchmark dolphinprivate Qt5::Test)
# KItemListKeyboardSearchManagerTest
ecm_add_test(kitemlistkeyboardsearchmanagertest.cpp LINK_LIBRARIES dolphinprivate Qt5::Test)
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