Commit eb7a2e18 authored by Felix Ernst's avatar Felix Ernst 🇺🇦
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Make touch tap to select items work in selection mode

Thanks to Steffen Hartleib for the help.
parent 2e588733
......@@ -1783,7 +1783,7 @@ bool KItemListController::onRelease(const QPointF& pos, const Qt::KeyboardModifi
} else {
const bool singleClickActivation = m_view->style()->styleHint(QStyle::SH_ItemView_ActivateItemOnSingleClick) || m_singleClickActivationEnforced;
if (!singleClickActivation) {
emitItemActivated = touch;
emitItemActivated = touch && !m_selectionMode;
} else {
// activate on single click only if we didn't come from a rubber band release
emitItemActivated = !rubberBandRelease;
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