Commit ed5102a5 authored by Antonio Rojas's avatar Antonio Rojas

Fix untranslated places panel entries

Load the places panel entries strings from the kio5 catalog, where they live now

BUG: 392822
Differential Revision:
parent 9b36f001
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ void PlacesItem::setBookmark(const KBookmark& bookmark)
const QString udi = bookmark.metaDataItem(QStringLiteral("UDI"));
if (udi.isEmpty()) {
setText(i18nc("KFile System Bookmarks", bookmark.text().toUtf8().constData()));
setText(i18ndc("kio5", "KFile System Bookmarks", bookmark.text().toUtf8().constData()));
setSystemItem(bookmark.metaDataItem(QStringLiteral("isSystemItem")) == QLatin1String("true"));
} else {
......@@ -245,7 +245,7 @@ void PlacesItem::updateBookmarkForRole(const QByteArray& role)
// NOTE: It is important to use "KFile System Bookmarks" as context
// (see PlacesItemModel::createSystemBookmarks()).
if (text() != i18nc("KFile System Bookmarks", m_bookmark.text().toUtf8().data())) {
if (text() != i18ndc("kio5", "KFile System Bookmarks", m_bookmark.text().toUtf8().data())) {
} else if (role == "url") {
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