Commit ee16ff9b authored by Eugene Popov's avatar Eugene Popov 🇺🇦
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Eliminate remarks

parent 937708e7
......@@ -2611,13 +2611,12 @@ const KFileItemModel::RoleInfoMap* KFileItemModel::rolesInfoMap(int& count)
{ "text", NameRole, kli18nc("@label", "Name"), KLazyLocalizedString(), false, false },
{ "size", SizeRole, kli18nc("@label", "Size"), KLazyLocalizedString(), false, false },
{ "type", TypeRole, kli18nc("@label", "Type"), KLazyLocalizedString(), false, false },
{ "extension", ExtensionRole, kli18nc("@label", "Extension"), KLazyLocalizedString(), false, false },
{ "rating", RatingRole, kli18nc("@label", "Rating"), KLazyLocalizedString(), true, false },
{ "tags", TagsRole, kli18nc("@label", "Tags"), KLazyLocalizedString(), true, false },
{ "comment", CommentRole, kli18nc("@label", "Comment"), KLazyLocalizedString(), true, false },
{ "modificationtime", ModificationTimeRole, kli18nc("@label", "Modified"), kli18nc("@label", "Date"), false, false },
{ "creationtime", CreationTimeRole, kli18nc("@label", "Created"), kli18nc("@label", "Date"), false, false },
{ "accesstime", AccessTimeRole, kli18nc("@label", "Accessed"), kli18nc("@label", "Date"), false, false },
{ "modificationtime", ModificationTimeRole, kli18nc("@label", "Modified"), kli18nc("@label file date property", "Date"), false, false },
{ "creationtime", CreationTimeRole, kli18nc("@label", "Created"), kli18nc("@label file date property", "Date"), false, false },
{ "accesstime", AccessTimeRole, kli18nc("@label", "Accessed"), kli18nc("@label file date property", "Date"), false, false },
{ "title", TitleRole, kli18nc("@label", "Title"), kli18nc("@label", "Document"), true, true },
{ "author", AuthorRole, kli18nc("@label", "Author"), kli18nc("@label", "Document"), true, true },
{ "wordCount", WordCountRole, kli18nc("@label", "Word Count"), kli18nc("@label", "Document"), true, true },
......@@ -2637,6 +2636,7 @@ const KFileItemModel::RoleInfoMap* KFileItemModel::rolesInfoMap(int& count)
{ "aspectRatio", AspectRatioRole, kli18nc("@label", "Aspect Ratio"), kli18nc("@label", "Video"), true, true },
{ "frameRate", FrameRateRole, kli18nc("@label", "Frame Rate"), kli18nc("@label", "Video"), true, true },
{ "path", PathRole, kli18nc("@label", "Path"), kli18nc("@label", "Other"), false, false },
{ "extension", ExtensionRole, kli18nc("@label", "File Extension"), kli18nc("@label", "Other"), false, false },
{ "deletiontime", DeletionTimeRole, kli18nc("@label", "Deletion Time"), kli18nc("@label", "Other"), false, false },
{ "destination", DestinationRole, kli18nc("@label", "Link Destination"), kli18nc("@label", "Other"), false, false },
{ "originUrl", OriginUrlRole, kli18nc("@label", "Downloaded From"), kli18nc("@label", "Other"), true, false },
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