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Remove hover highlight before opening view context menu

If one was fast to open the right-click context menu on the row of
an item in details view mode, the hover highlight would persist
while the context menu for the view was open.

This one-liner makes it so the highlight on the row is always
removed before the right-click context menu for the view is opened
so it is as clear as possible that the newly opened context menu
has no relation to the fileItem.
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......@@ -1594,6 +1594,7 @@ bool KItemListController::onPress(const QPoint& screenPos, const QPointF& pos, c
// The selection rectangle for an item was clicked
Q_EMIT itemContextMenuRequested(m_pressedIndex.value(), screenPos);
} else {
row->setHovered(false); // Removes the hover highlight so the context menu doesn't look like it applies to the row.
Q_EMIT viewContextMenuRequested(screenPos);
return true;
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