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Commit bff373d5 authored by Elvis Angelaccio's avatar Elvis Angelaccio

Fix PlacesItemModelTest::testDefaultViewProperties()

The test was assuming that global view properties are off by default,
which is no longer true after d6c086ad.
parent 303cd174
......@@ -29,6 +29,7 @@
#include <KAboutData>
#include <KFilePlacesModel>
#include "dolphin_generalsettings.h"
#include "panels/places/placesitemmodel.h"
#include "panels/places/placesitem.h"
#include "views/viewproperties.h"
......@@ -475,10 +476,18 @@ void PlacesItemModelTest::testDefaultViewProperties()
QFETCH(bool, expectedPreviewShow);
QFETCH(QList<QByteArray>, expectedVisibleRole);
// In order to test the default view properties, turn off the global view properties.
GeneralSettings* settings = GeneralSettings::self();
ViewProperties properties(KFilePlacesModel::convertedUrl(url));
QCOMPARE(properties.viewMode(), expectedViewMode);
QCOMPARE(properties.previewsShown(), expectedPreviewShow);
QCOMPARE(properties.visibleRoles(), expectedVisibleRole);
void PlacesItemModelTest::testClear()
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