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Commit d1b68db1 authored by Nathaniel Graham's avatar Nathaniel Graham Committed by Alexey Min

Add "Release Year" column to Dolphin's Details view

Adds a "Release Year" column to Dolphin's Details view.

BUG: 384317

Test Plan: Tested in a KDE Neon VM.

Reviewers: aacid, broulik, #kde_applications, #dolphin, alexeymin, emmanuelp

Reviewed By: #dolphin, alexeymin, emmanuelp

Differential Revision:
parent 64973a29
......@@ -2315,6 +2315,7 @@ const KFileItemModel::RoleInfoMap* KFileItemModel::rolesInfoMap(int& count)
{ "album", AlbumRole, I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP("@label", "Album"), I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP("@label", "Audio"), true, true },
{ "duration", DurationRole, I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP("@label", "Duration"), I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP("@label", "Audio"), true, true },
{ "track", TrackRole, I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP("@label", "Track"), I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP("@label", "Audio"), true, true },
{ "releaseYear", ReleaseYearRole, I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP("@label", "Release Year"), I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP("@label", "Audio"), true, true },
{ "path", PathRole, I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP("@label", "Path"), I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP("@label", "Other"), false, false },
{ "deletiontime",DeletionTimeRole,I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP("@label", "Deletion Time"), I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP("@label", "Other"), false, false },
{ "destination", DestinationRole, I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP("@label", "Link Destination"), I18N_NOOP2_NOSTRIP("@label", "Other"), false, false },
......@@ -286,7 +286,7 @@ private:
GroupRole, TypeRole, DestinationRole, PathRole, DeletionTimeRole,
// User visible roles available with Baloo:
CommentRole, TagsRole, RatingRole, ImageSizeRole, OrientationRole,
WordCountRole, TitleRole, LineCountRole, ArtistRole, GenreRole, AlbumRole, DurationRole, TrackRole,
WordCountRole, TitleRole, LineCountRole, ArtistRole, GenreRole, AlbumRole, DurationRole, TrackRole, ReleaseYearRole,
// Non-visible roles:
IsDirRole, IsLinkRole, IsHiddenRole, IsExpandedRole, IsExpandableRole, ExpandedParentsCountRole,
......@@ -149,6 +149,7 @@ KBalooRolesProvider::KBalooRolesProvider() :
{ "genre", "genre" },
{ "album", "album" },
{ "duration", "duration" },
{ "releaseYear", "releaseYear" },
{ "trackNumber", "track" },
{ "originUrl", "originUrl" }
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