Commit 6bd2a6d1 authored by Pino Toscano's avatar Pino Toscano

Reorder order of some members of DocEntry

It makes DocEntry slightly smaller.
parent 916f6155
......@@ -97,18 +97,19 @@ namespace KHC {
mutable QString mIdentifier;
QString mIndexer;
QString mIndexTestFile;
int mWeight;
QString mSearchMethod;
bool mSearchEnabled;
bool mSearchEnabledDefault;
QString mDocumentType;
bool mDirectory;
QString mKhelpcenterSpecial;
List mChildren;
DocEntry *mParent;
DocEntry *mNextSibling;
int mWeight;
bool mSearchEnabled : 1;
bool mSearchEnabledDefault : 1;
bool mDirectory : 1;
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