Commit db656fd3 authored by Bastian Köcher's avatar Bastian Köcher Committed by Luigi Toscano
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Adds missing dependency

Summary: KF5::CoreAddons files are included by khc_xapianindexer, but not declared as dependency. For operating systems like Nixos that is a problem, because every dependency is located in a different path and so, the CoreAddons files are not found in the include path. By adding CoreAddons as target link library, the CoreAddon paths are added to the include paths.

Reviewers: ltoscano

Reviewed By: ltoscano

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Differential Revision:
parent 2d6b7d6e
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ set(khc_xapianindexer_SOURCES
add_executable(khc_xapianindexer ${khc_xapianindexer_SOURCES})
kde_target_enable_exceptions(khc_xapianindexer PRIVATE)
target_link_libraries(khc_xapianindexer Qt5::Core KF5::Archive ${XAPIAN_LIBRARIES} ${LIBXML2_LIBRARIES})
target_link_libraries(khc_xapianindexer Qt5::Core KF5::Archive KF5::CoreAddons ${XAPIAN_LIBRARIES} ${LIBXML2_LIBRARIES})
# practically means >=5.36
target_link_libraries(khc_xapianindexer KF5::DocTools)
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