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      Bump version number · 713446f7
      Luigi Toscano authored
      Long overdue (but only bugfixes, so increase .z only)
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      Fix opening URL's to help files · d90b712b
      Pavel Mars authored
      Signed-off-by: default avatarPavel Mars <mars@basealt.ru>
      When you select the menu item "KInfoCenter Modules" -> "DMA-Channels" (or another item: Memory, OpenGL, etc.) -> "KInfoCenter" -> "Start KInfoCenter", the help on the right side of the program screen is incorrect.
      When you select any of the submenus that appear, the same help is displayed (../index.html).
      This is due to the incorrect formation of links to help.
      To fix this bug, add "QUrl :: RemoveFragment" to the string "mToc-> setApplication (url.toString (QUrl :: RemoveScheme | QUrl :: RemoveFilename | QUrl :: StripTrailingSlash))" in the navigatorappitem.cpp file.
      This expression removes the fragment from the generated link and allows you to properly load the help file.
      Reviewers: yurchor, ltoscano
      Reviewed By: yurchor, ltoscano
      Subscribers: i.Dark_Templar, kde-doc-english
      Tags: #documentation
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D16057
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      Contents items expanding issue · d2940a28
      Dark Templar authored
      There is contents tree on left side of application window of Khelpcenter.
      If you select "Single click to open files and directories" in application "System Settings" in menu "Input devices" -> "Mouse", upon single click on any expandable item in contents (let's for example take "Application Manuals" or "System Settings Modules") it expands, upon double click it swiftly expands and collapses back. If it's already expanded, it collapses, and on double click it collapses and expands back.
      However, if you select "Double click to open files and directories (select icons on first click)" in "System Settings", you no longer can expand/collapse any expandable items in Khelpcenter's contents tree using mouse clicks. You need to double click to expand it, and in best case you can see it swiftly expanding and collapsing back if it's collapsed, or vice versa if it's expanded.
      It looks like with "Double click" setting selected contents item receives two events on double click: "selected" and "double click". On first event "expanded/collapsed" state is toggled via explicit calls to corresponding functions (see function Navigator::slotItemSelected), on second event this state is toggled again, thus reverting it to original state. This patch sets a specific setting to get rid of second event and make behaviour similar no matter which mouse settings is used, "single click" or "double click".
      BUG: 399275
      Reviewers: yurchor, mlaurent, ltoscano
      Reviewed By: ltoscano
      Subscribers: pavelmos, ltoscano, kde-doc-english
      Tags: #documentation
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D16352
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      Remove duplicate submenus. · 3e5549eb
      Pavel Mars authored
      Signed-off-by: default avatarPavel Mars <mars@basealt.ru>
      Remove duplicate submenus.
      On the left side of the khelpcenter window is the content ("Contents").
      If you open the item "Application Manuals" -> "System" -> "Info Center", the item "Info Center" will generate a tree of additional menu items.
      If you open the menu item "KInfoCenter Modules" in the same content and then open the menu items that appear (for example, "Device Viewer", "Memory", "OpenGL" or any other item), the same additional menu item tree will be generated.
      This change removes duplication of generated trees.
      This is achieved by registering the URLs of the elements of the content tree in a separate container and checking the URL to be opened: if the base address from the URL is registered, then we request the generation of the menu tree from the registered element of the tree, but not from the current one.
      BUG: 399274
      Reviewers: yurchor, ltoscano
      Reviewed By: yurchor, ltoscano
      Subscribers: ltoscano, kde-doc-english
      Tags: #documentation
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D16308
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