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      Optional usage of documentationDirs from KDocTools · bc0bc0f1
      Luigi Toscano authored
      Only if available. Unfortunately a bug in KDocTools prevents for
      looking for its version, so use another the version of another core
      library part of Frameworks.
      Test Plan:
      The new code compiles without regression in functionalities:
      - the cache is created for toc entries
      - the documentation is found.
      Reviewers: aacid, cfeck
      Reviewed By: aacid
      Subscribers: #documentation
      Tags: #documentation
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D6790
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      Split NavigatorAppItem out of NavigatorItem · 2f85cdd8
      Pino Toscano authored
      Move the TOC handling of NavigatorItem in a new NavigatorAppItem,
      representing an application in the XDG menu.
      This avoids the potential TOC generation also for other kind of
      NavigatorItem subtypes, e.g. TOCItem: thus, (double-)clicking on a TOC
      item will not try to spawn meinproc (failing) anymore.
    • Pino Toscano's avatar
      NavigatorAppItem -> NavigatorAppGroupItem · 4915e70c
      Pino Toscano authored
      Since it really represents a group of applications in the XDG menu,
      give it a better fitting name; this frees the "NavigatorAppItem" name
      for actual items representing applications.
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      Get rid of Formatter · 6d8e8d58
      Pino Toscano authored
      Now that Grantlee is used as formatting engine, there is no more need
      for Formatter. There never were templates for Formatter anyway.
    • Pino Toscano's avatar
      Use Grantlee for glossary entries · d9b7f60f
      Pino Toscano authored
      Switch the manual generation of glossary entries pages to Grantlee,
      converting glossary.html.in into a Grantlee template.
    • Pino Toscano's avatar
      Use Grantlee for the overview pages · ab36f14b
      Pino Toscano authored
      Switch the manual generation of the overview pages to Grantlee,
      converting index.html.in into a Grantlee template.
      Ideally Grantlee could be used also for generating the tree of items
      in overview pages, but that could be done at a later phase.
    • Pino Toscano's avatar
      Add empty Grantlee-based formatter · 9592c761
      Pino Toscano authored
      Introduce a (for now) empty formatter based on Grantlee, to use
      smarter templates for the autogenerated HTML pages (index, glossary
      entries, and search results).
      Place a GrantleeFormatter instance next to the Formatter one.
    • Pino Toscano's avatar
      Stop using KCMUtils · a1bccce4
      Pino Toscano authored
      Directly use the KService object instead of wrapping it in a
      KCModuleInfo, which mostly returns what the service knows already.
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      cmake: stop using IconThemes · 00214685
      Pino Toscano authored
      no more needed
    • Pino Toscano's avatar
      cmake: stop using KDELibs4Support · d9e31310
      Pino Toscano authored
      no more needed
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      Use the categorized logging everywhere · 2f1806ca
      Pino Toscano authored
      Make use of QLoggingCategory to categorize any kind of error/debug
      output in khelpcenter.
    • Pino Toscano's avatar
      Automatically update indexes at startup · 02c21808
      Pino Toscano authored
      Currently the user is asked to manually update the search index, which
      is not a friendly solution. Instead, start the indexing update right
      after the startup, with a indefinite progress bar showing the on-going
      process. Considering the Xapian indexing is generally fast, this won't
      cause a big delay between the startup and when the user can start
      Move the queue-based index logic from IndexBuilder to Navigator
      directly, getting rid of the separate khc_indexbuilder tool (no need to
      have an helper tool to spawn the actual indexing/searcing tools) and
      the D-Bus interface to support it, and removing the indexing dialog
      (now everything that can be indexed is updated).
      This also removes the need for indexers to create <identifier>.exists
      files in the index directories.
      BUG: 101876
      BUG: 164308
      BUG: 205126
      CCBUG: 222494
      CCBUG: 269260
    • Pino Toscano's avatar
      Remove the ht://dig support · 16313376
      Pino Toscano authored
      ht://dig is basically unmantained for the past decade, and its
      integration in khelpcenter has always been a sort of hack (execute
      a CGI, and print its resulting HTML text).
      Since Xapian is used as better solution, all of the htp://dig
      supporting code can be removed completely.
      CCBUG: 103266
      CCBUG: 112958
      BUG: 122437
      BUG: 125276
      BUG: 152671
      BUG: 158633
      BUG: 209415
      BUG: 244091
      BUG: 255384
      BUG: 256397
      BUG: 277464
    • Pino Toscano's avatar
      Add Xapian support for indexing and searching · 583ed246
      Pino Toscano authored
      Start using Xapian for indexing and searching the documentation: it
      works much better than htp://dig, it provides a C++ API, and it is well
      Introduce two helper tools to create/update an index, and search on it,
      starting from the cache.bz2 files generated by meinproc: this way it is
      possible to index the whole text, with the entities already expanded
      (something which would not be there when parsing the docbook files
      directly). Make use of libxml2 to parse the HTML documents, and get all
      the text in them.
      Xapian and libxml2 are currently considered as mandatory dependencies:
      they are portable, generally available everywhere, and not requiring
      themselves too many extra dependencies.
      CCBUG: 93664
      CCBUG: 103266
      CCBUG: 115935
      CCBUG: 122437
      CCBUG: 125276
      BUG: 126710
      CCBUG: 152671
      CCBUG: 158633
      CCBUG: 209415
      CCBUG: 256397
      CCBUG: 266290
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