Commit 1ee510ba authored by Alexander Saoutkin's avatar Alexander Saoutkin

Check return value of createNodeFromUDSEntry()

createNodeFromUDSEntry() can return a nullptr, which it does when
passed any URL from the baloosearch protocol.

BUG: 431079
parent 9b0f5f9c
......@@ -393,6 +393,11 @@ void KIOFuseVFS::findAndCreateOrigin(QUrl url, QStringList pathElements, std::fu
finalNode = createNodeFromUDSEntry(statJob->statResult(), currentNode->m_stat.st_ino, targetPathComponents.last());
qWarning(KIOFUSE_LOG) << "Unable to create a valid final node for" << url << "from its UDS Entry";
return callback({}, EIO);
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