Commit 00e6b77c authored by Artem Grinev's avatar Artem Grinev
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Initialize all fields in Partition

parent f4664671
...@@ -264,25 +264,25 @@ private: ...@@ -264,25 +264,25 @@ private:
m_Number = n; m_Number = n;
} }
qint32 m_Number; qint32 m_Number = 0;
Partitions m_Children; Partitions m_Children;
QPointer< PartitionNode > m_Parent; QPointer< PartitionNode > m_Parent = nullptr;
FileSystem* m_FileSystem; FileSystem* m_FileSystem = nullptr;
PartitionRole m_Roles; PartitionRole m_Roles;
qint64 m_FirstSector; qint64 m_FirstSector = 0;
qint64 m_LastSector; qint64 m_LastSector = 0;
QString m_DevicePath; QString m_DevicePath;
QString m_Label; QString m_Label;
QString m_Type; QString m_Type;
QString m_UUID; QString m_UUID;
quint64 m_Attributes; quint64 m_Attributes = 0;
QString m_PartitionPath; QString m_PartitionPath;
QString m_MountPoint; QString m_MountPoint;
PartitionTable::Flags m_AvailableFlags; PartitionTable::Flags m_AvailableFlags;
PartitionTable::Flags m_ActiveFlags; PartitionTable::Flags m_ActiveFlags;
bool m_IsMounted; bool m_IsMounted = false;
qint64 m_SectorSize; qint64 m_SectorSize = 0;
State m_State; State m_State = None;
}; };
QTextStream& operator<<(QTextStream& stream, const Partition& p); QTextStream& operator<<(QTextStream& stream, const Partition& p);
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