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    • Yaroslav Sidlovsky's avatar
      Fix smartctl exit status success check · 8746ef72
      Yaroslav Sidlovsky authored
      According to the smartctl man page:
      The  exit  statuses of smartctl are defined by a bitmask.  If all is well with the disk, the exit status (return value) of smartctl is 0 (all bits turned off).  If a problem occurs, or an error, potential error, or fault is detected, then a non-zero status is
      returned.  In this case, the eight different bits in the exit status have the following meanings for ATA disks; some of these values may also be returned for SCSI disks.
      Bit 0: Command line did not parse.
      Bit 1: Device open failed, device did not return an IDENTIFY DEVICE structure, or device is in a low-power mode (see '-n' option above).
      Bit 2: Some SMART or other ATA command to the disk failed, or there was a checksum error in a SMART data structure (see '-b' option above).
      Bit 3: SMART status check returned "DISK FAILING".
      Bit 4: We found prefail Attributes <= threshold.
      Bit 5: SMART status check returned "DISK OK" but we found that some (usage or prefail) Attributes have been <= threshold at some time in the past.
      Bit 6: The device error log contains records of errors.
      Bit 7: The device self-test log contains records of errors.  [ATA only] Failed self-tests outdated by a newer successful extended self-test are ignored.
      BUG: 429028
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    • Andrius Štikonas's avatar
      Add initial support for dosfstools 4.2. · 36dfae35
      Andrius Štikonas authored
      Empty labels are not allowed anymore.
      One can reset them with -r flag but that is not supported in older
      dosfstools. So for now we just manually set label to NO_LABEL.
      BUG: 432941
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    • Michael Weghorn's avatar
      Wipe existing signatures when creating partition table · 813e5740
      Michael Weghorn authored
      As the sfdisk man page says on the option '--wipe' that
      specifies whether or not to wipe signatures in order
      to avoid collisions:
      > When this option is not given, the default is auto,
      > in which case signatures are wiped only when in interactive mode
      but sfdisk is not run in interactive mode here, since
      stdin does not refer to a terminal, and the sfdisk
      man page says:
      > It [i.e. sfdisk] runs in interactive mode if executed on terminal
      > (stdin refers to a terminal).
      Therefore, explicitly pass the '--wipe=always' option to
      sfdisk so that old signatures are wiped when a new partition
      table is created.
      Bug: 431628
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