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Using for translations now.
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1. Adding a new language
From a terminal, change directory into the "po" directory, then run
For translators:
msginit -l <language code>
Please visit and create an account
there, join an existing language team or request a new language. Then just
start translating directly in the web interface there or download the .po file
for offline translation in a locally installed translation editor, for example
virtaal, poedit or lokalize. Most texts should have a "context" attached to
them, informing you a little about how each text string is used.
where <language code> is the code for the language you are adding. You will
then get a new file called <language code>.po which you can edit with the
very nice "lokalize" program. This file will contain some hopefully helpful
context for each text so that you can understand where and how the text will
be displayed. After translating all or most of the strings, email the new .po
file to software maintainer for inclusion.
For developers:
2. Updating a translation
If texts in the software has been changed, the .po files will have some entries
marked as "needs review" or "untranslated" in Lokalize. Check if they still
look good, change if needed or just approve them. Send updated .po file to software
3. Nice to know, for developers mostly.
The script called "" is designed to be run from the "po"
directory. It can be run at any time and should never cause any dataloss or
other problems. It extracts text strings that needs translation from the source
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