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      Become more github-friendly · 3512d02d
      Simon Persson authored
      Remove TODO file in favour of github issue tracking. Provide a nicer readme file. Add maintainer file.
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      Fix opening of symlinks in bup kioslave. · 203cd9d8
      Simon Persson authored
      Learning some more about kio... It does not copy symlinks, it just takes the target info from the stat() and then creates a new symlink on destination using that. But it currently only does that if src and dst are the same kioslave. Nevermind that for now, not a big problem. But it anyway, the intention is that calling get() on a symlink should download the target file. So we do that now.
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      A couple of fixes to make the kioslave work again. · ec99be3d
      Simon Persson authored
      I had removed extern "C" at some point, over-eager cleaning... it is needed for klauncher to find the symbol.
      Also, building with libgit2 with thread support requires a call to initialize thread local storage before any other calls of the api.
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      Add rsync type of backups. · d08271f7
      Simon Persson authored
      A little bit of restructuring was needed, but not much. Also sneak in a couple of small fixes for config UI, polish some things.
      I think what took the most time in adding this was the wording of the texts explaining the options to the user....
  15. 26 Feb, 2013 2 commits
  16. 24 Feb, 2013 1 commit
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      Polish the UI for selecting backup destination · 71ac7949
      Simon Persson authored
      Adds information texts under the radio buttons, modifies the DriveSelection
      class to keep track of if the selected drive is mounted. Also now keeps track
      of if any drive is selected or not. Use these to hide/disable drive destination
      folder selection widgets. Adds a new dialog for selecting a folder on the external
      drive and a tool button for showing the dialog.
      Also rewrite and simplify the DriveSelection class, makes it look better in a few
      rare cases... and the code easier to read and modify.
      And some renaming of method names and cleanup of indentation.. bonus:)
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      Add an option to take the backup as root. · d76952ae
      Simon Persson authored
      The index file used will still be that of the regular user and after the files have been saved to the backup archive, all files will be chown'ed back to the regular user too.
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