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Commit 2c7306dc authored by Thiago Sueto's avatar Thiago Sueto 🐰

Update org.kde.partitionmanager.appdata.xml

parent d0bfbd2d
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@
<name xml:lang="x-test">xxKDE Partition Managerxx</name>
<name xml:lang="zh-CN">KDE 分区管理器</name>
<name xml:lang="zh-TW">KDE 磁碟分割區管理員</name>
<summary>Partition Editor</summary>
<summary>Manage disk devices, partitions and file systems on your computer</summary>
<summary xml:lang="ar">محرّر أقسام</summary>
<summary xml:lang="ast">Editor de particiones</summary>
<summary xml:lang="bs">Uređivač particija</summary>
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