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      update README · 5aae849c
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      Store tablet configuration by VENDOR:PRODUCT · 289a8a86
      Valeriy Malov authored
      Instead of storing tablet configuration by device name, use
      VENDOR:PRODUCT format. This is done because libwacom device names and
      our own database device names sometimes differ (e.g. "One by Wacom
      (small)" vs. "Wacom One S"). New configuration IDs should be same across
      databases and this should allow switch between libwacom supplied device
      definitions and user supplied ones without losing device config.
      In case if device configuration is not found, try old device ID (e.g. by
      name) and copy the configuration from there.
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      Get button mapping from libwacom · ba954d21
      Valeriy Malov authored
      Grab evdev codes from libwacom and convert them into xsetwacom button
      Requires libwacom 0.29
      Add a crude "test" that compares local database data with libwacom data
      This should make libwacom a suitable substitute for local database,
      excluding status led info and button layout picture
      BUG: 316837
      Test Plan:
      Hard to test this without pad buttons so a code review would suffice
      I've slapped together a crude "test tool" that compares data pulled from libwacom and data pulled from local installed database
      Mostly it seems to match, ignoring the button order (I don't think we care about button order, since button order can be subjective when user is filling it out using tablet finder)
      Where it doesn't match it probably needs to be checked individually via google or feedback from device owner
      Here's the output for the test tool if anyone's curious: https://paste.kde.org/p1cfyhxrl
      Reviewers: fvogt
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D12075
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      Initial libWacom support · 336c1e20
      Valeriy Malov authored
      Store vendor ID in tablet information when detecting connected tablets.
      This is later used for libWacom lookup.
      Look up tablet information via libWacom if tablet is not found in local
      and system device databases.
      Test Plan: temporary removed tablet definiton from the bundled DB and checked that it still works with libwacom picked defintion
      Reviewers: fvogt, xuetianweng
      Reviewed By: fvogt
      Differential Revision: https://phabricator.kde.org/D11973
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      Fix status led values in tablet finder · 067c94da
      Valeriy Malov authored
      This seems like a couple of typos. Overall whole StatusLED property
      seems to be very odd since it's actually never ever used outside a check
      in TabletBackend::setStatusLED, so hopefully I'm not breaking anything.
      BUG: 348955
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      Use windowPos() instead of globalPos() in calibration dialog · 13add19f
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      This should fix calibration on multi-monitor setups when calibration is
      performed on the screen that doesn't start from (0,0) and calibrated
      mapping ends up being shifted completely off-tablet.
      Technically we should be using screenPos(), however it seems to broken
      and duplicating globalPos(), probably because of how X11 treats multi-
      screen setups. windowPos() seems to work fine as long as window manager
      respects our request to make the window fullscreen.
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      Update README · 968eb133
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      Add missing build dependencies
      Remove line about xcb-xinput
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      Get rid of extra tabs in appstream file · 6d836734
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      This seems to be breaking appstreamtest on the CI
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      Add a button to launch kde_wacom_tabletfinder · 32c087a6
      Valeriy Malov authored
      Currenlty if tablet device is not in the tablet database, KCM will just
      show an error claiming that device is not supported yet. However in most
      cases you can use kde_wacom_tabletfinder to manually register the
      device, which not everyone might be aware of.
      Change the error message a bit and add a button to launch
      kde_wacom_tabletfinder. This is suboptimal if there are multple tablets
      connected, and one is detected, and another is not, but for now I'll
      assume this rarely happens.
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      Warn users when they are not on X11 · 1ed5e24d
      Valeriy Malov authored
      Since the only supported platform right now is X11, show an error
      message in KCM when it's not detected