Commit 3c1bfe0e authored by Andreas Pakulat's avatar Andreas Pakulat

backport r918185:

Fix one more crash during code-completion
parent a988d6ff
......@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ KDevelop::QualifiedIdentifier namespaceScopeComponentFromContext(QualifiedIdenti
//This way we can correctly resolve the namespace-component for multiple externally defined classes,
//see testDeclareStructInNamespace() in test_duchain.cpp
if(classContext->parentContext() && classContext->parentContext()->type() == DUContext::Helper) {
if(classContext->parentContext() && classContext->parentContext()->type() == DUContext::Helper && !context->importedParentContexts().isEmpty()) {
classContext = context->importedParentContexts()[0].context(source);
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