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Adapt to changes in kdevplatform

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......@@ -21,8 +21,8 @@
#include "gitclonejob.h"
#include <QDebug>
GitCloneJob::GitCloneJob(KDevelop::IPlugin* parent, OutputJobVerbosity verbosity)
: DVcsJob(parent, verbosity)
GitCloneJob::GitCloneJob(const QDir& d, KDevelop::IPlugin* parent, OutputJobVerbosity verbosity)
: DVcsJob(d, parent, verbosity)
, m_steps(0)
connect(process(), SIGNAL(readyReadStandardError()), SLOT(receivedStderr()));
......@@ -23,11 +23,11 @@
#include <vcs/dvcs/dvcsjob.h>
class GitCloneJob : public DVcsJob
class GitCloneJob : public KDevelop::DVcsJob
GitCloneJob(KDevelop::IPlugin* parent, KDevelop::OutputJob::OutputJobVerbosity verbosity = KDevelop::OutputJob::Verbose);
GitCloneJob(const QDir& d, KDevelop::IPlugin* parent, KDevelop::OutputJob::OutputJobVerbosity verbosity = KDevelop::OutputJob::Verbose);
public slots:
void receivedStderr();
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -117,13 +117,13 @@ public:
const KUrl::List& files);
// End: KDevelop::IDistributedVersionControl
DVcsJob* var(const QString &directory);
KDevelop::DVcsJob* var(const QString &directory);
// Branch management
DVcsJob* switchBranch(const QString &repository,
KDevelop::DVcsJob* switchBranch(const QString &repository,
const QString &branch);
DVcsJob* branch(const QString &repository,
KDevelop::DVcsJob* branch(const QString &repository,
const QString &basebranch = QString(),
const QString &branch = QString(),
const QStringList &args = QStringList());
......@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ public:
QList<DVcsEvent> getAllCommits(const QString &repo);
//used in log
void parseLogOutput(const DVcsJob * job,
void parseLogOutput(const KDevelop::DVcsJob * job,
QList<DVcsEvent>& commits) const;
......@@ -144,35 +144,33 @@ protected:
bool isValidDirectory(const KUrl &dirPath);
DVcsJob* lsFiles(const QString &repository,
KDevelop::DVcsJob* lsFiles(const QString &repository,
const QStringList &args,
KDevelop::OutputJob::OutputJobVerbosity verbosity = KDevelop::OutputJob::Verbose);
DVcsJob* gitRevList(const QString &repository,
KDevelop::DVcsJob* gitRevList(const QString &repository,
const QStringList &args);
DVcsJob* gitRevParse(const QString &repository,
KDevelop::DVcsJob* gitRevParse(const QString &repository,
const QStringList &args,
KDevelop::OutputJob::OutputJobVerbosity verbosity = KDevelop::OutputJob::Silent);
private slots:
void parseGitBlameOutput(DVcsJob *job);
void parseGitLogOutput(DVcsJob *job);
void parseGitDiffOutput(DVcsJob* job);
void parseGitRepoLocationOutput(DVcsJob* job);
void parseGitStatusOutput(DVcsJob* job);
void parseGitBlameOutput(KDevelop::DVcsJob *job);
void parseGitLogOutput(KDevelop::DVcsJob *job);
void parseGitDiffOutput(KDevelop::DVcsJob* job);
void parseGitRepoLocationOutput(KDevelop::DVcsJob* job);
void parseGitStatusOutput(KDevelop::DVcsJob* job);
//commit dialog "main" helper
QStringList getLsFiles(const QString &directory, const QStringList &args,
KDevelop::OutputJob::OutputJobVerbosity verbosity);
DVcsJob* errorsFound(const QString& error, KDevelop::OutputJob::OutputJobVerbosity verbosity);
KDevelop::DVcsJob* errorsFound(const QString& error, KDevelop::OutputJob::OutputJobVerbosity verbosity);
void initBranchHash(const QString &repo);
static KDevelop::VcsStatusInfo::State messageToState(const QString& ch);
QList<QStringList> branchesShas;
// Set when isValidDirectory is called.
KUrl m_lastRepoRoot;
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