Commit 58e6d4c6 authored by Daniel Mensinger's avatar Daniel Mensinger
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projectfilter: Include .clang-format by default

parent 88861caf
......@@ -74,7 +74,8 @@ SerializedFilters defaultFilters()
ret << SerializedFilter(QStringLiteral(".*"), Filter::Targets(Filter::Files | Filter::Folders));
// but do show some with special meaning
ret << SerializedFilter(QStringLiteral(".gitignore"), Filter::Files, Filter::Inclusive)
<< SerializedFilter(QStringLiteral(".gitmodules"), Filter::Files, Filter::Inclusive);
<< SerializedFilter(QStringLiteral(".gitmodules"), Filter::Files, Filter::Inclusive)
<< SerializedFilter(QStringLiteral(".clang-format"), Filter::Files, Filter::Inclusive);
// common vcs folders which we want to hide
static const QVector<QString> invalidFolders = {
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