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Commit 626954a4 authored by Thomas Schöps's avatar Thomas Schöps

Contextbrowser: Remove 'separated by only whitespace' possibility for showing the problem tooltip

parent e3ecca4c
Pipeline #6035 failed with stage
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......@@ -489,7 +489,6 @@ static QVector<KDevelop::IProblem::Ptr> findProblemsUnderCursor(TopDUContext* to
static QVector<KDevelop::IProblem::Ptr> findProblemsCloseToCursor(const TopDUContext* topContext,
KTextEditor::Cursor position,
const KTextEditor::View* view,
KTextEditor::Range& handleRange)
handleRange = KTextEditor::Range::invalid();
......@@ -539,28 +538,6 @@ static QVector<KDevelop::IProblem::Ptr> findProblemsCloseToCursor(const TopDUCon
// If not, only show it in case there's only whitespace
// between the current cursor position and the problem line
if (closestProblems.isEmpty()) {
for (auto& problem : qAsConst(allProblems)) {
auto r = problem->finalLocation();
KTextEditor::Range dist;
KTextEditor::Cursor bound(r.start().line(), 0);
if (position < r.start())
dist = KTextEditor::Range(position, bound);
else {
bound.setLine(r.end().line() + 1);
dist = KTextEditor::Range(bound, position);
if (view->document()->text(dist).trimmed().isEmpty())
closestProblems += problem;
if (!closestProblems.isEmpty()) {
auto it = closestProblems.constBegin();
handleRange = (*it)->finalLocation();
......@@ -657,7 +634,7 @@ QWidget* ContextBrowserPlugin::navigationWidgetForPosition(KTextEditor::View* vi
// Nothing has been found so far which created a widget.
// Thus, find the closest problem to the cursor in a second pass.
if (topContext) {
problems = findProblemsCloseToCursor(topContext, position, view, itemRange);
problems = findProblemsCloseToCursor(topContext, position, itemRange);
if (!problems.isEmpty()) {
// Return nullptr if the correct contents are already being shown in the tool tip currently.
if (m_currentToolTip &&
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