clang: fix build of test_codecompletion with gcc 7.4.0

(testing fix post-pushing on CI)
parent eb8f342f
......@@ -190,7 +190,12 @@ template<typename CustomTestFunction = NoopTestFunction>
void executeCompletionTest(const QString& code, const CompletionItems& expectedCompletionItems,
const ClangCodeCompletionContext::ContextFilters& filters = NoMacroOrBuiltin,
CustomTestFunction customTestFunction = {},
QString fileExtension = QStringLiteral("cpp"))
// Using QStringLiteral fails here with Ubuntu Bionic's GNU 7.4.0 C++ compiler,
// Assembler messages: Error: symbol `_ZZNK12_GLOBAL__N_1UlvE_clEvE15qstring_literal' is already defined
// Seems the symbol is not including the template arguments, but might be created
// per instantiation of the template
// Seems fixed in newer versions of GCC
const QString& fileExtension = QString::fromLatin1("cpp"))
TestFile file(code, fileExtension);
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