Commit 92c2b165 authored by Amish Naidu's avatar Amish Naidu

Add Scratchpad plugin as a default tool view

parent 4aa54eb0
......@@ -87,6 +87,7 @@ public:
desired[QStringLiteral("org.kdevelop.KonsoleView")] = Sublime::Bottom;
desired[QStringLiteral("org.kdevelop.SnippetView")] = Sublime::Right;
desired[QStringLiteral("org.kdevelop.ExternalScriptView")] = Sublime::Right;
desired[QStringLiteral("org.kdevelop.scratchpad")] = Sublime::Left;
Sublime::Area* a =
new Sublime::Area(m_controller, QStringLiteral("code"), i18n("Code"));
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