Commit a3fb744f authored by Aleix Pol Gonzalez's avatar Aleix Pol Gonzalez 🐧
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Ask to stash when checking out another branch and we have pending changes.

parent a99fc39a
......@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@
#include <QMenu>
#include <interfaces/iruncontroller.h>
#include "stashmanagerdialog.h"
#include <KMessageBox>
K_PLUGIN_FACTORY(KDevGitFactory, registerPlugin<GitPlugin>(); )
K_EXPORT_PLUGIN(KDevGitFactory(KAboutData("kdevgit","kdevgit",ki18n("Git"),"0.1",ki18n("A plugin to support git version control systems"), KAboutData::License_GPL)))
......@@ -168,9 +169,9 @@ bool GitPlugin::hasStashes(const QDir& repository)
return !emptyOutput(gitStash(repository, QStringList("list"), KDevelop::OutputJob::Silent));
bool GitPlugin::hasModifications(const KUrl& file)
bool GitPlugin::hasModifications(const QDir& d)
return !emptyOutput(lsFiles(dotGitDirectory(file), QStringList("-m"), OutputJob::Silent));
return !emptyOutput(lsFiles(d, QStringList("-m"), OutputJob::Silent));
void GitPlugin::additionalMenuEntries(QMenu* menu, const KUrl::List& urls)
......@@ -178,7 +179,7 @@ void GitPlugin::additionalMenuEntries(QMenu* menu, const KUrl::List& urls)
m_urls = urls;
QDir dir=urlDir(urls);
bool modif = hasModifications(urls.first());
bool modif = hasModifications(dotGitDirectory(urls.first()));
bool canApply = !modif && hasStashes(dir);
menu->addSeparator()->setText(i18n("Git Stashes"));
menu->addAction(i18n("Stash Manager"), this, SLOT(ctxStashManager()))->setEnabled(canApply);
......@@ -226,7 +227,7 @@ QString GitPlugin::name() const
KUrl GitPlugin::repositoryRoot(const KUrl& path)
return KUrl(dotGitDirectory(path).path());
return KUrl(dotGitDirectory(path).absolutePath());
bool GitPlugin::isValidDirectory(const KUrl & dirPath)
......@@ -444,8 +445,14 @@ DVcsJob* GitPlugin::var(const QString & repository)
DVcsJob* GitPlugin::switchBranch(const QString &repository, const QString &branch)
///TODO Check if the branch exists. or send only existed branch names here!
DVcsJob* job = new DVcsJob(QDir(repository), this);
QDir d(repository);
if(hasModifications(d) && KMessageBox::questionYesNo(0, i18n("There are pending changes, do you want to stash them first?"))==KMessageBox::Yes) {
QScopedPointer<DVcsJob> stash(gitStash(urlDir(m_urls), QStringList(), KDevelop::OutputJob::Verbose));
DVcsJob* job = new DVcsJob(d, this);
*job << "git" << "checkout" << branch;
return job;
......@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@ public:
KDevelop::DVcsJob* gitStash(const QDir& repository, const QStringList& args, KDevelop::OutputJob::OutputJobVerbosity verbosity);
bool hasStashes(const QDir& repository);
bool hasModifications(const KUrl& repository);
bool hasModifications(const QDir& repository);
KUrl repositoryRoot(const KUrl& path);
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