Commit aad6790c authored by Friedrich W. H. Kossebau's avatar Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
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appimage: do not refetch appimagetool if already present

parent 687f4255
...@@ -495,13 +495,16 @@ fi ...@@ -495,13 +495,16 @@ fi
# Get appimagetool # Get appimagetool
mkdir -p $SRC/appimagetool APPIMAGETOOL_DIR=$SRC/appimagetool
pushd $SRC/appimagetool if [ ! -d $APPIMAGETOOL_DIR ]; then
wget -c -O appimagetool mkdir -p $APPIMAGETOOL_DIR
chmod +x ./appimagetool pushd $APPIMAGETOOL_DIR
./appimagetool --appimage-extract # no fuse on this docker instance... wget -c -O appimagetool
export PATH=$PWD/squashfs-root/usr/bin:$PATH chmod +x ./appimagetool
popd ./appimagetool --appimage-extract # no fuse on this docker instance...
export PATH=$APPIMAGETOOL_DIR/squashfs-root/usr/bin:$PATH # add path to extracted appimage binary
mkdir -p /out mkdir -p /out
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