Commit ad7ea392 authored by Ben Wagner's avatar Ben Wagner Committed by Aaron Puchert
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Add working directory to clang parser.

This sets the working directory of the clang parser similarly to the way
the build directory is passed to the builder. This allows the parser to
correctly resolve any relative paths in the extra build arguments. This
means relative paths are resolved relative to the build directory (as
they would be resolved by a builder).

Test Plan: In the current test setup it doesn't seem the TestProject allows a TestBuildSystemManager, so it seems like quite a bit of work to create a test for this. (As a result I assume IBuildSystemManager integration isn't well tested in general right now.) If this needs a test, let me know if adding a TestBuildSystemManager is the right way to go.

Reviewers: #kdevelop, aaronpuchert

Reviewed By: aaronpuchert

Subscribers: aaronpuchert, kdevelop-devel

Tags: #kdevelop

Differential Revision:
parent 5f9fcc13
...@@ -172,6 +172,10 @@ ClangParseJob::ClangParseJob(const IndexedString& url, ILanguageSupport* languag ...@@ -172,6 +172,10 @@ ClangParseJob::ClangParseJob(const IndexedString& url, ILanguageSupport* languag
m_environment.addFrameworkDirectories(IDefinesAndIncludesManager::manager()->frameworkDirectories(file)); m_environment.addFrameworkDirectories(IDefinesAndIncludesManager::manager()->frameworkDirectories(file));
m_environment.addDefines(IDefinesAndIncludesManager::manager()->defines(file)); m_environment.addDefines(IDefinesAndIncludesManager::manager()->defines(file));
m_environment.setParserSettings(ClangSettingsManager::self()->parserSettings(file)); m_environment.setParserSettings(ClangSettingsManager::self()->parserSettings(file));
if (hasBuildSystemInfo) {
// Assume the builder invokes the compiler in the build directory.
} else { } else {
m_environment.addIncludes(IDefinesAndIncludesManager::manager()->includes(tuUrl.str())); m_environment.addIncludes(IDefinesAndIncludesManager::manager()->includes(tuUrl.str()));
m_environment.addFrameworkDirectories(IDefinesAndIncludesManager::manager()->frameworkDirectories(tuUrl.str())); m_environment.addFrameworkDirectories(IDefinesAndIncludesManager::manager()->frameworkDirectories(tuUrl.str()));
...@@ -103,6 +103,16 @@ Path ClangParsingEnvironment::pchInclude() const ...@@ -103,6 +103,16 @@ Path ClangParsingEnvironment::pchInclude() const
return m_pchInclude; return m_pchInclude;
} }
void ClangParsingEnvironment::setWorkingDirectory(const Path& path)
m_workingDirectory = path;
Path ClangParsingEnvironment::workingDirectory() const
return m_workingDirectory;
void ClangParsingEnvironment::setTranslationUnitUrl(const IndexedString& url) void ClangParsingEnvironment::setTranslationUnitUrl(const IndexedString& url)
{ {
m_tuUrl = url; m_tuUrl = url;
...@@ -84,6 +84,9 @@ public: ...@@ -84,6 +84,9 @@ public:
void setPchInclude(const KDevelop::Path& path); void setPchInclude(const KDevelop::Path& path);
KDevelop::Path pchInclude() const; KDevelop::Path pchInclude() const;
void setWorkingDirectory(const KDevelop::Path& path);
KDevelop::Path workingDirectory() const;
void setTranslationUnitUrl(const KDevelop::IndexedString& url); void setTranslationUnitUrl(const KDevelop::IndexedString& url);
KDevelop::IndexedString translationUnitUrl() const; KDevelop::IndexedString translationUnitUrl() const;
...@@ -123,6 +126,7 @@ private: ...@@ -123,6 +126,7 @@ private:
// NOTE: As elements in QHash stored in an unordered sequence, we're using QMap instead // NOTE: As elements in QHash stored in an unordered sequence, we're using QMap instead
QMap<QString, QString> m_defines; QMap<QString, QString> m_defines;
KDevelop::Path m_pchInclude; KDevelop::Path m_pchInclude;
KDevelop::Path m_workingDirectory;
KDevelop::IndexedString m_tuUrl; KDevelop::IndexedString m_tuUrl;
Quality m_quality = Unknown; Quality m_quality = Unknown;
ParserSettings m_parserSettings; ParserSettings m_parserSettings;
...@@ -283,6 +283,13 @@ ParseSessionData::ParseSessionData(const QVector<UnsavedFile>& unsavedFiles, Cla ...@@ -283,6 +283,13 @@ ParseSessionData::ParseSessionData(const QVector<UnsavedFile>& unsavedFiles, Cla
smartArgs << writeDefinesFile(environment.defines()); smartArgs << writeDefinesFile(environment.defines());
clangArguments << "-imacros" << smartArgs.last().constData(); clangArguments << "-imacros" << smartArgs.last().constData();
if (!environment.workingDirectory().isEmpty()) {
QByteArray workingDirectory = environment.workingDirectory().toLocalFile().toUtf8();
smartArgs << workingDirectory;
clangArguments << workingDirectory.constData();
// append extra args from environment variable // append extra args from environment variable
static const auto extraArgs = ::extraArgs(); static const auto extraArgs = ::extraArgs();
for (const QByteArray& arg : extraArgs) { for (const QByteArray& arg : extraArgs) {
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