Unverified Commit da63da8d authored by Daniel Mensinger's avatar Daniel Mensinger
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meson: Fixed setting the build dir path in the introspect job

parent ef7e08f6
......@@ -73,9 +73,9 @@ MesonIntrospectJob::MesonIntrospectJob(KDevelop::IProject* project, KDevelop::Pa
// Since we are parsing the meson file in this mode, no build directory
// is required and we have to fake a build directory
m_projectPath = project->path();
m_buildDir.buildDir = m_projectPath;
m_buildDir.mesonExecutable = meson;
m_projectPath = project->path();
connect(&m_futureWatcher, &QFutureWatcher<QString>::finished, this, &MesonIntrospectJob::finished);
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