Commit f891396a authored by Yuri Chornoivan's avatar Yuri Chornoivan Committed by Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
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Add missing spaces

(cherry picked from commit daad5d3e)
parent 8fa9c17e
...@@ -254,9 +254,9 @@ KDevelop::SourceFormatterStyle CustomScriptPlugin::predefinedStyle(const QString ...@@ -254,9 +254,9 @@ KDevelop::SourceFormatterStyle CustomScriptPlugin::predefinedStyle(const QString
result.setContent(QStringLiteral("clang-format -assume-filename=\"$FILE\"")); result.setContent(QStringLiteral("clang-format -assume-filename=\"$FILE\""));
result.setUsePreview(false); result.setUsePreview(false);
result.setDescription(i18n("Description:<br /><br />" result.setDescription(i18n("Description:<br /><br />"
"<b>clang-format</b> is an automatic source formater by the LLVM" "<b>clang-format</b> is an automatic source formater by the LLVM "
"project. It supports a variety of formatting style options via" "project. It supports a variety of formatting style options via "
"a <b>.clang-format</b> configuration file, usually located in" "a <b>.clang-format</b> configuration file, usually located in "
"the project root directory.")); "the project root directory."));
} else if (name == QLatin1String("kdev_format_source")) { } else if (name == QLatin1String("kdev_format_source")) {
result.setCaption(QStringLiteral("KDevelop: kdev_format_source")); result.setCaption(QStringLiteral("KDevelop: kdev_format_source"));
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