1. 15 Mar, 2009 1 commit
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  3. 26 Aug, 2008 1 commit
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      - Changes in VcsCommitDialog and VcsStatusInfo to support DVCS. Also... · 76a5d2ca
      Evgeniy Ivanov authored
      - Changes in VcsCommitDialog and VcsStatusInfo to support DVCS. Also VcsCommitDialog uses different colors for different statuses (like QGit) now.
      - Now DistributedVersionControlPlugin uses VcsCommitDialog instead of CommitManager. CommitManager is removed. But it got few bugs I will fix them tomorrow.
      - IDVCSexecutor changes to work with VcsCommitDialog. Also some glitch fixes in GitExecutor.
      - A lot of different changes.
      CCMAIL: aleixpol@gmail.com
      Aleix, I did some changes in your code, because I did some API changes in DVCS.
  4. 02 Aug, 2008 1 commit
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      Uff. Unify #include's across libs and plugins. · f4652711
      Andreas Pakulat authored
      The #include's now follow these rules:
      For libraries
       - #include <foo.h> / #include <Foo> for anything outside kdevplatform - i.e.
         other libraries
       - #include "foo.h" or #include "../foo.h" or #include "bar/foo.h" or #include
         "../bar/foo.h" for headers that are inside the same library
       - #include <bar/foo.h> for any library bar in kdevplatform
      For plugins
       - #include "foo.h" only for files inside the plugin
       - #include <bar/foo.h> for any kdevplatform library bar
       - #include <foo.h> / #include <Foo> for any other libs
      This allows us to remove all include_directories() calls, so we're only have -I
      switches for "external" libs (like KDE/Qt) and the top-level source/binary dir
      as well as the "current" source/binary dir.
      This is also supposed to make our header safer against include-problems, like
      using #include <icore.h> and that picks up a header of similar name from some
      other lib. 
      We've had a discussion about this quite a while back. Still if anybody feels
      like this still has problem please speak up.
  5. 20 Jul, 2008 1 commit
    • Evgeniy Ivanov's avatar
      DVCS is a part of libkdevplatformvcs now; · 2a000a38
      Evgeniy Ivanov authored
      Added some very basic branching support (to DVCSplugin and Git);
      Fixed executor bugs (repository should be a directory, but not a file);
      Fixed Git and Bzr tests;
      Some minor changes in the idvcsexecutor;
      Other minor changes and refacoting;
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    • Evgeniy Ivanov's avatar
      CCMAIL: thomas.burdick@gmail.com · 3ee02d21
      Evgeniy Ivanov authored
      FEATURE: basic Git and Mercurial support.
      implemented DVCS base class which hould be used in all DVCS plugins, it prevents plugins from duplicating code
      fixed bug in git: now all system environment variables are set
      fixed bug in mercurial: job<<" "<<" " or job<<"";job<<""; should be used instead of job<<"one two"
      Thomas, sorry for removing your code. I was commiting to http://repo.or.cz/w/kdevelopdvcssupport.git because mercurial plugin had a bug (you did the same bug with job<< usage). If you want to help with DVCS: Bazaar is not implemented yet (but it required much less job, than you did to implement mercurial).
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