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    • David Nolden's avatar
      If no pinned translation unit is available, ask the duchain · a36ae328
      David Nolden authored
      This fixes highlighting, navigation, etc. for complex cases
      where the primitive "buddy" mechanism doesn't help finding
      the translation unit. The buddy mechanism is not correct for
      this case, because it was built around header/source pairs,
      but fails in more complex cases. The duchain import chain
      directly leads to the original transition unit from where
      a header is included recursively.
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    • Kevin Funk's avatar
      Add hint for KDEV_CLANG_DISPLAY_DIAGS · 2706e002
      Kevin Funk authored
      Interesting issue: If one of the precompiled headers part of the
      includes is invalid, clang_parseTranslationsUnit2 just fails with an
      cryptic error code 4 (ASTReadError). No further message is displayed.
      With KDEV_CLANG_DISPLAY_DIAGS=1 set, we at least get the following out
      of libclang:
      fatal error:
      does not appear to be a precompiled header file
      No other way to retrieve this information, as far as I'm aware. So let's
      give some debugging aid here.