ProblemHighlighter: Use qobject_cast for MarkInterface as advised in its documentation

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[ 91%] Building CXX object plugins/qmakemanager/tests/CMakeFiles/test_qmakefile.dir/test_qmakefile.cpp.o
[ 91%] Building CXX object plugins/custom-buildsystem/tests/CMakeFiles/kcm_uitest.dir/__/debug.cpp.o
[ 91%] Built target test_custombuildsystemplugin
[ 91%] Building CXX object plugins/qmakemanager/tests/CMakeFiles/test_qmakeproject.dir/test_qmakeproject_autogen/mocs_compilation.cpp.o
Scanning dependencies of target test_docker
Scanning dependencies of target test_projectload
[ 91%] Building CXX object plugins/docker/tests/CMakeFiles/test_docker.dir/test_docker.cpp.o
[ 91%] Building CXX object plugins/genericprojectmanager/tests/CMakeFiles/test_projectload.dir/test_projectload.cpp.o
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