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    Fixed Speed, Distance and Drawing Angle sensors · 327f800d
    Dmitry Kazakov authored
    This patch makes the following user-visible changes:
    1) Speed and Distance sensors are fixed
    2) Drawing Angle sensor became much more stable and smooth
    3) Drawing Angle sensor works right on the rotated canvas
    Technical details:
    This patch hugely refactors the distance information part of
    our painting system. The two most significant changes:
    1) KisPaintInformation doesn't have movement() method, because it
       used to get inconsistent *very* fast when the lien was split into
       chunks in paintBezierCurve. The access to drawingDistance(),
       drawingAngle() and drawingSpeep() parameters is provided only by means
       of teh associated KisDistanceInformation.
    2) (follows from the point 1) From now on paintAt() function also accepts
        KisDistanceInformation object, because otherwise it will not be able
        to access the calculated parameters.
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