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    Fixed a "screwed" lines bug · 55753fd9
    Dmitry Kazakov authored
    It turned out that our "bended lines" bug consists from two different bugs.
    1) Lack of tablet events (only in openGL mode)
    2) A bug in Basic Smoothing algorithm (some whirls
       appeared even in QPainter canvas mode).
    This patch fixes the second one. The bug was related to the fact that
    the size of the control points for the bezier curves was *not limited*.
    It resulted in lines bending, screwing and whirling effect. Now the size
    of the control lines is always bounded, so the lines became much smoother.
    But the first part of the "bended lines" bug is still not fixed, so openGL
    mode will produce bends in lines.
    The first one is the lack of tablet events in openGL mode, and the second
    one was related to the
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